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About The Author

  Dawn G. Novak was born one snowy January morning in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Even from a very early age, her artistic abilities became apparent. Before the age of seven, she had begun to draw and paint, and when she was eight years old she entered one of her drawings into the annual Calgary Stampede Art Festival. Those who knew her were not surprised when it earned an honourable mention from the judges, no small feat for one so young. It was not long, however, before Dawn soon turned her growing talents toward the two other loves that would govern her life: music and writing.
From the very beginning, Dawn's teachers recognized and encouraged her writing skills. She won the Curtis Award in 1968, an honour given to the one student who, out of all the students in the province of Alberta, achieved the highest grade in literature. Still, Dawn soon found herself drawn more and more toward the world of music. At the age of thirteen, she taught herself to play the guitar and soon she and her two sisters were performing at local charity shows and church functions. It was at such an event that an agent approached Dawn and her sisters and asked if they would be interested in performing professionally. The trio agreed that it might be fun and soon Dawn, who at the age of fourteen was too young to play in bars, found herself singing in supper clubs and dining lounges throughout the Calgary area. Ultimately, what had started as a bit of a lark turned into a career and Dawn would end up spending over twenty years on the road, performing across Canada and even recording four of her songs in Nashville.  One of those songs became the Pick-Hit-of-the-Week in Truro, Nova Scotia. However, it wasn't long before her old love of writing began to push itself back into the forefront of her life.

In 1981, Dawn began to write again. At first, it was simply to try and alleviate the boredom of life on the road. Soon it became much, much more. She is a current advocate of the #MeToo movement and a life-long advocate of the LGBT community, and the rights of minorities and women.  She feels a deep need to construct narratives that address human freedom and dignity.  The Shadrani series is the culmination of that need, and what started out as a short story became a debut novel that garnered an award nomination and became the cornerstone for her critically acclaimed series.    
  Dawn is often asked how many books there will ultimately be in her Shadrani series, to which she answers: “Well, that is up to fate, and to those who love a good yarn.”

Dawn has long since quit the music business, but every year she happily leads her friends and family in laughter and song to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Extremely proud of the fact that her mother was born and raised in Connemara, Ireland, she is ever mindful of the legacy of storytellers in the grand tradition, and is constantly striving to challenge herself and to grow in her writing.  Although she is currently working on a Stage Play and a Screen Play, today, most of her time is spent with the newest loves of her life: the Shadrani.